Question and answers

Question and answers


The authorized Arteflame® dealers are the best source for information when you have questions about your Arteflame product. However you can check our frequently asked questions about Arteflame on this page.


The Arteflame was designed to solve two issues; traditional grills are unsightly and they are never the center of any outdoor get together. Ever wondered why so many parties end up in your kitchen? That is exactly what happens around an Arteflame. It becomes the center of the outdoor party. People love seeing the fire and get mesmerized by the sight and smell of delicious food. Better get some extra utensils as everyone has a tendency to want to join in and start grilling as well.

Arteflame grills are also designed to be absolutely gorgeous. They are designed to be the centerpiece in any back yard. All Arteflame grills also double as fire pits giving them another unique function traditional grills just don’t have.

Every Arteflame grill is made from CORTEN steel giving each Arteflame a beautiful, unique color. This patina acts as a natural protectant ensuring your Arteflame will last a lifetime. All Arteflame cook tops, inserts and grill, are made from carbon steel. The cooktops are precision cut with a laser that give them near perfect edge and dimensional quality. All cooktops are descaled and oiled before they ship using our specially developed process.

Arteflame grills use wood and charcoal for fuel. Use hardwoods such as hickory, oak, maple, and fruit woods such as peach, cherry and apple. Hardwoods have an aromatic air and can be varied to add different flavors to your cooking. Lump charcoal, smoker pellets or charcoal briquettes are also good to use. Soft woods such as pine are to be avoided as the sap contained in soft woods is prone to smoking and spitting embers. Likewise, never use manufactured logs as they contain wax and fillers that can be harmful – especially if used for cooking.

Arteflame uses a special manufacturing process for all grills and inserts. It ensures an accurate and precise fit and finish, eliminates material imperfections and smoothes all steel edges so no food particles can lodge and hide… (yuck!). This method is expensive but it ensures the quality we strive for and you expect.

We even descale and oil all our cooktops so they are guaranteed scale free and ready for seasoning and cooking. This manufacturing process guarantees the absolute highest quality products that last a lifetime. Arteflame is proud to be unique in having developed this process for you, our friends and customers.

Depending on how much coal / wood you use, you will be ready to cook in 20-30 minutes. The easiest way to light your Arteflame is by using the long matches. Light a mound of charcoal in the center of the Arteflame and add wood when the charcoal is hot.

Any food grade cooking oil can be used. Keep in mind that future guests may have nut allergies so for that reason we do not recommend using peanut oil. When not in use, we recommend a light coating of the cooktop with flaxseed oil to keep it properly seasoned and avoid oxidation from forming.

Once the cooktop is seasoned properly, oiled and cleaned after each use, you do not need to cover it. It is intended to stay outside year round. We do sell optional stainless lids for the center of the grills as well as covers. The stainless lids avoid debris from entering the grill and smother the fire when you’re done grilling.

Because every Arteflame is made entirely out of steel, they are quite heavy. The Euro40 cook top weighs 62kg. The Euro bowl weighs 27kg and the base weighs 27kg as well. The ONE40-AIR weighs 135kg, the ONE30-AIR weighs 85kg and the ONE20-AIR weighs 35kg.

No, every Arteflame is designed to stay outside year-round. If you do not plan on using it for long periods of time, we recommend regularly applying food grade flaxseed oil to the cooktop to keep it properly seasoned. If you plan on using your Arteflame in the winter, covering it with our stainless steel or vinyl cover will prevent it filling up with snow. If after long periods of not being used you do see surface oxidization on the cooktop, make a fire in the Arteflame and get it up to temperature. Then scrape all surface oxidization off the cooktop and rub it down with cooking oil. This will clean and re-season the cooktop.

Every Arteflame cooktop is slightly dished so that all excess grease finds its way to the center of the grill where it burns off.

Every Arteflame is designed so that the corten steel never touches the surface it sits on.  Euro grills come with a stainless steel footer and all other Arteflame grills come with screw in feet.  If you decide not to use the included feet and let the corten steel rest directly on the surface, it may leave a stain where the base touches.

Although our Arteflames are equipped with adjustable feet we recommend placement of tiles or a grill mat under your Arteflame should you decide to locate it on a wood / Tyvek deck or any other flammable surface. The tall Euro base do not get hot enough to pose any direct issue on flammable surfaces. The ONE-series base has an ash catcher so that any ashes are caught and do not contact your deck.

Should you choose, you may also put sand or stones in the bottom of your Arteflame to catch any loose embers. The low bases ARE NOT recommended for wooden or manufactured decks as they also function as fire pits and the fire bowl will transfer heat to the deck. We recommend using stone / concrete tiles or a grill mat underneath any Arteflame grill as a safety precaution.

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